KX3 to the Field and Fishing

I recently got a used Elecraft KX3 on trade from a fellow ham in California.  It was loaded out with the optional filter, ATU and battery charger.  I have been using it in the shack along side my K3 for a couple weeks now just listening.  Well this morning my kids were wanting to go fishing at the pond at our church so I decided this would be a good time to give it a shot.  So we went by Wal-Mart to pick up some worms, hooks and sinkers for them and 8 Duracell 2400mah NiMH batteries for me.  I had grabbed my KX3, Mic and Paddle along with a Buddistick I had purchased a couple years ago.  Set it up on the picnic table and listened on 17M for a while.  The Buddistick really worked well I listened to hams in Australia, Japan and Europe with ease.  Was able to get a reasonable SWR.  I do need to pick up a a longer piece of coax the one I had on hand was only about 7′ long.


Also my kids had pretty good luck as well.  Although my youngest wasn’t to enthused about holding the bass for me to take the picture